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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  December 8, 2017 5:00am-5:31am EST

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and navy prepare to face each other on the football field. we're live with a look at the activities leading up to the game. 5:00 a.m. friday morning. thanks for starting your they wi-- your day with us. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm via sikahema. a lot of military personnel in the city. they're already in. we'll get to meteorologist bill henley with the most accurate neighborhood weather forecast. >> i've issued a first alert for tomorrow for snow. the first flakes of the season for the suburbs, new jersey, delaware. new jersey and delaware, it's a coastal system. you are going to see more of an impact than the rest of the area. talking saturday. starting at midnight until 8:00 in the evening. most of it will be a daytime event. it will get started first thing in the morning. accumulations, yes, accumulating snow on colder surfaces. not as much on the roads as much as we'll see on the grass or on the car tops. the colder surfaces could wind up with one to four inches of
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snow by the time this one is done later on saturday. and hazardous travel, even if it's a slushy mix. you can count on slipping and sliding during the day on saturday. it's this system to the south. rain farther to the south. it meets the colder air. and we've got the cold air in place this morning. it's going to be a chilly one today, and cold enough for that snow to start at the coastline. first thing tomorrow, then spreading inland. today, we will be dry during the day. 29 degrees right now and cold, too. 29 degrees in the suburbs. 36 in philadelphia. middle 30s right now in new jersey. mostly cloudy skies. temperatures peaking in the upper 30s and low 40s. 38 with partly cloudy skies in the lehigh valley. clouds over new jersey, delaware, the shore. we may see some late afternoon raindrops and snowflakes ahead of the main event for tomorrow. i'll show you what to expect in your neighborhood in a few minutes. first, katy zachry has your first alert traffic. >> thanks. we're keeping our eye on the
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schuylkill expressway. eastbound as you make your way into center city, philadelphia, where you see taillights, you'll encounter construction that's closing all lanes at south street. you'll want to exit at 30th street. that construction should end around this time. there's a message board with flash flooding information. in the last few minutes, the police cars that were here that were alerting traffic to this issue, they have left. i'll hopefully in the next ten minutes have good news for you. something else we're seeing is on the 42 freeway. this is a look from the scene not too far from the 42 freeway where it meets 295. this is 295 at route 168. light to moderate traffic here. no issues to report. making your way on the freeway northbound to 295 northbound, there you'll encounter problems because the ramp is blocked. and on the pennsylvania turnpike, we are just waiting for construction to wrap up that's affecting things as you make your way westbound between
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the new jersey state line and shemony. thank you. after establishing a life for nearly 30 years in the united states, a south jersey couple is preparing right now to be deported back to mexico before s sunrise. [ praying ] >> these are prayers from supporters of oscar humberto campos outside cory booker's camden office. the family hoped the influence would stay their immigration. however, immigration officials denied the request. senator booker says it's sad to see the family needlessly torn apart. the couple's children have to face the reality of living without their parents. >> i mean, my parents always motivate me. my little brother is going to motivate me even more. now i'm going to try and be a mother to him and try to, you know, support him. and you know, make him have a life that i had, that my parents made me have. >> the campos family has to be
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to the newark airport right now actually to check in. then their flight to mexico leaves at 6:35 this morning. we'll have a reporter live at the airport coming up in our 6:00 a.m. hour. a bucks county neighborhood is returning to normal following a standoff that ended in an arrest. police took nicholas napoli away in handcuffs last night. when law enforcement tried to serve him a warrant, he barricaded himself in a home on pond street in bristol borough. the situation forced nearby schools into lockdown. after an officer tried to negotiate a peaceful resolution, a s.w.a.t. team broke a window and got inside. they found napoli with a woman believed to be his ex-girlfriend. >> it was very stressful. it was a frenzy of getting kids and leaving. the school did a great job of organizing everything so we could get our kids home safely. >> napoli is a person of interest in a deadly hit and run
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in croiden. a pastor faces charges that he sexual assaulted children for more than a decade. harry thomas is head pastor at the come alive church in medford. he's accused of sexual assaulting four girls under 14. police arrested the 74-year-old wednesday after the alleged victims came forward. the church suspended him indefinitely. >> leadership has determined this to be the proper course of action at this time until there can be a full investigation. >> women can at least slap the guy. little children are helpless. >> thomas is in the hospital under guard for an underlying condition. authorities have not set a court date. 5:05. now to an nbc10 exclusive. only we talked with rapper meek mill's attorney who is fighting to get him freed from prison. >> reading, thinking, contemplating. >> that's what the lawyer said the musician has been doing in
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the correctional facility in chester since being locked up on repeated probation violations on gun and drug charges. joe taccopina talked to us after visiting mill yesterday. he asked about a published report saying that mill backed out of helping fbi agents secretly record a conversation with the judge who locked him back up. >> there is absolutely no scenario where i could comment on -- on details of an fbi investigation. >> he says he's never seen anything like this in his career. at endless probation period where someone is locked up for not committing a crime. he believes pennsylvania's superior court will straighten this out and let mill go home. an update to a story nbc10 has been covering throughout the week. the school bus driver caught on video clipping cars in manayunk thought he just hit a bump in the road. the driver for the company kept on going after sideswiping the cars wednesday morning. the co-owner of the bus company
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said the matter was addressed internally, and they're reaching out to the drivers whose cars were damaged in the neighborhood. phipps have not determined if they will ticket the driver. it is army/navy weekend. the long rivalry returns to philadelphia. >> the big game is tomorrow is. a lot going on today. nbc10's matt delucia is live at lincoln financial field. there are competitive events today. talk about that. >> reporter: right, not just the football game anymore, although that is still the main event. today you've got the patriot games going on between the army cadets and navy midshipmen. that starts later on this morning. at the art museum they have the rocky relay. and then at noon, you have the shops at liberty place are going to do a pullup challenge. then there's a tug-of-war that is happening on the pier over by the battleship "new jersey." all of these things you can go and watch for yourselves for free. so some events going on today.
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the big event. the 11th time it's been held at the linc. it's been a good luck for the navy. they had a 14-game win streak before army beat them last year. this is a time-honored tradition that is back again this weekend. tonight, you'll have the crossfit competition that will be between some of the cadets in philly. an event for folks a lot more physically fit than i am. matt delucia. >> us, too. >> i hope they score -- do 100 pushups. fans, kids, can do it with no problem. >> you can do that. >> not really. not 100. maybe ten. katy zachry is watching a closure at 76. >> good news, it's clearing. things are hoping at south street on 76 eastbound. if you want to exit at stouth,
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you will be able to. we're seeing eastbound as you approach the south street exit, between spring garden, 30th, leading up to south street, we're seeing a little backup. i surmise that's because things are clearing. so it takes some time for them to remove those construction vehicles from the road. that's good news. hopefully when i see you in another ten minutes, it will be all free and clear. no message board up. no flashing lights. let's take a look right now at a crash we're following in lower southford township. this is taking place at main street and oak drive. it was in our system two hours ago. refreshed in the last 45 minutes. it's still there. they might be having trouble clearing it. it's a local road. shouldn't affect things too much. be aware of that. oak and main street. and also this is route 73 at route 38 in new jersey. an alert for new jersey drivers. if you're taking the 42 freeway and wanting to get on 295 north, there is construction blocking that ramp. that should lift in just the
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next hour or so. i'll keep my eye on. that area bridges are good, and mass transit this early hour is running on or close to schedule. >> thanks. 36 degrees. 5:09. roughed up. police are trying to track down teenagers who attacked a homeless man outside the salvation army. we'll hear from the victim about his ordeal. and hateful message at the mall. a local mom couldn't believe what was written on her car after she just took her sick son to meetssistant arch that's ahead. -- meet santa. that's ahead. and the monumental fight to beat wildfires in southern california as the flames continue to drive people out of their homes.
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5:15 a.m. police need your help in tracking down a group of teenagers who attacked a homeless man wednesday night. >> bob latshaw was outside the salvation army with a few others from the shelter when he claims a group of five to six teenagers started attacking him for no reason. the 60-year-old suffered a
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broken nose. >> didn't get my money. didn't take nothing from me. they just hit me. you know, i guess for kicks. why are they attacking homeless people? we're homeless. what are you going to get from me? >> workers at the salvation army claim this is the second attack from a person in -- on a person in the homeless shelter in the last two weeks. give up a gun and get a gift card. pennsylvania lawmakers are willing to do whatever it takes to make sure guns don't fall into the wrong hands. yesterday they announced a gun buyback program happening tomorrow in darby. you can turn in a gun and get a $50 gift card no questions asked. the buyback runs from noon to 3:00 p.m. tomorrow at mt. zion ame church in darby. israeli forces are bracing for what could be the most violent protests yet in jerusalem. palestinian factions called for three days of rage to protest president trump's decision to recognize that city as israel's capital. today is the incumbent nation --
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culmination of the demonstration. [ gunfire ] yesterday on the west bank, palestinians lit fires and threw stones at israeli troops. the troops responded by shooting rubber bullets and teargas. israelis see jerusalem as their capital. but palestinians had hoped to make east jerusalem the capital of the future palestinian state. 5:15. a community in new mexico is grieving after a gunman opened fire in a high school killing two students. [ gunfire ] >> the shooter opened fire inside aztec high school as class was beginning yesterday. students hid in classrooms until police gave the all clear. authorities have not identified the two victims or the shooter. they say the gunman is dead, but they don't -- they won't say if he died by suicide or was killed by police. and students, parents, and other members of the community
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gathered for a candlelight vigil. they received the two high schoolers who were killed. in new york city, a cab crashed into at least two other vehicles, then hopped a curb, plowed through a group of people. the incident happened in the financial district and injured six people. right now, it's unclear what caused the accident. however, investigators don't believe it was intentional. 5:15. 36 degrees. let's get you to work on this friday morning. we continue to, i think, watch the problem on 76. >> katy zachry is in for jessica. give us an update. we'll get to the schuylkill expressway in just a minute. i wanted to highlight some local crashes that might be slowing you down a bit if it's part of your commute to work or school this early hour. this is in lower southford township. a crash at main street that we're keeping an eye on and not far from that at potts shop and shultz road. this is a new one into the system. two local crashes for you to be aware of. we love there sight. this is 76 at south street. for the past -- well, hours really, the overnight hours, there was construction at 76
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eastbound right at south street. it was blocking all lanes between the vine and south street. that is clear. all the construction vehicles off the road. things on 76 eastbound and westbound as you make your way past the south street exit are looking pretty good. we also have construction that is in the process of clearing right now. i just checked. this construction is on the pennsylvania turnpike westbound between the new jersey state line and the exit for nashamony. not a far distance, but important distance. that is clearing. if i step out of the way, the drive times on the pennsylvania turnpike free and clear of any issues. everything's in the green. average speeds in the low 60s at this time. >> thank you. 5:17. i just glanced at the camera in the poconos. they're making snow at camelback. tomorrow, we'll have the real stuff. >> yeah. tomorrow could be mother nature. bill henley has the most accurate neighborhood weather forecast. bill issued a first alert. >> not just the pocono mountains. delaware and new jersey will wind up with most of it
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tomorrow. today they'll have to continue making snow. certainly cold enough this morning. a cold morning across the board, but a mostly cloudy day. most neighborhoods will stay complete dry today. the clouds will be on the increase tonight. wet weather will start first thing tomorrow. probably during the overnight hours. 28 in the suburbs. 31 in the lehigh valley. a little bit warmer in delaware, south jersey, and philadelphia. this is where clouds are still overhead. that's prevented temperatures from cooling down all that much. pine oh hollow at 33. down to 30 in shemong. audubon is 36. just above freezing in lumberton. hopewell township in the 20s to start. a cold morning, but a dry day today. and even though we'll have mostly cloudy skies, the temperatures will be climbing. it's just not going to be a huge warmup. 48 degrees. that's the normal high. we'll be peaking in the very low
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40s. the wind will be blowing, so it will feel like 30s even late this afternoon. then the wind dies down and temperatures start coming down as the clouds increase during the evening hours. right now, clouds thinning north and west. the colder air lingering over delaware and south jersey. the wet weather for tonight and tomorrow is -- that's rain to the south and where it meets the colder air which we'll have in our area. that is snow. you can count on snow for tomorrow. for today, the clouds will be in and out. you'll see partly cloudy skies for the lehigh valley and the upper suburbs. this is lunchtime. look at the cold air, 30s for mt. holly. millville, wilmington, 38 degrees. as we go into the late afternoon, clouds spread across the area. the first snowflakes likely to be falling along the vote e coastline for the delaware beaches, sussex county and delaware, and into extreme south jersey. temperatures above freezing. not expecting accumulation there. that pushes offshore briefly
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before the system comes back tonight. at midnight, it's spreading along the coastline. temperatures still above freezing. midnight is when the first alert goes into effect. look what happens after midnight, it spreads across delaware, south jersey, and inland, too. eventually we'll see accumulating snow in philadelphia, as well. the whole weekend will not be snowy. the snow coming in on saturday, snowflakes and 34 in philadelphia. spreading into the suburbs, but much less in the suburbs and the lehigh valley. you'll probably see breaks of sunshine. the steadiest snow will be in new jersey at the shore and delaware. this is where we could see two to four inches of snow on the colder surfaces. streets will be warmer. maybe a slushy mix there. then it turns colder overnight, late saturday. temperatures plunge. sunday we'll get sunshine. temperatures for most neighborhoods stuck in the 30s. another potential for snow next week. i'll look at the potential snow totals and ten day on 10 coming up in the next half hour.
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>> see you then. how about an authentic taste of philadelphia in sunny l.a.? the eagles get ready to face the rams on sunday. we found a legendary philly food in southern cal made with all the right ingredients. that's ahead in the next half hour. next, it lasted long after the final episode of "the sopranos." now a north jersey club made famous by the series is about to have its own curtain call.
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the satin dolls club was made famous in "the sopranos." yesterday, the attorney general ordered the business shut down by december 17th. he also ordered its liquor license to be sold off by next month. the move came after the owners apparently ignored a state order to cease involvement with the club after a series of violat n violations. youtube is getting ready to take on apple and spotify. landon dowdy with more in the cnbc business report. >> reporter: good friday morning. youtube plans to launch its subscription music service in march. youtube is in talks with sony, universal music, and several independent labels.
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the service which is reportedly called remix. join a crowded market with apple music, spot fire, and others. youtube launched an ad-free subscription-based service last year which offers exclusive content. a quick check of the markets. we could end on a high note. the markets may take a cue from europe which is in the green after the uk struck a deal to create a smoother path for britain to exit the european union. stocks rose yesterday with the dow breaking a two-day losing streak. investors will be awaiting the november jobs report this morning. it is expected to show hiring increased at a strong clip last month as disruptions from the hurricanes faded. back to you. >> thank you. have a nice weekend. 5:25 now. battle weary. firefighters work to get a handle on a number of raging wildfires in southern california. but the gusty winds could still hamper their efforts again. plus, on the campaign trail, president trump will hold a campaign-style rally today for controversial alabama senate
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candidate roy moore. not in moore's home stat. a cold start this morning, but dry. and it will be dry for most neighborhoods today. tomorrow, a different story. i'm tracking the first snowfall e snowflakes of the season and expecting accumulation, as well. there's a nice cold view of boathouse row. right now at 5:26, 36 degrees. neighborhood forecast just ahead.
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flames on the move. close a half dozen wildfires in southern california intensify. severe winds and dry conditions are fueling the flames. tracking snow. the snow that fell in texas overnight is headed our way. we'll break down what to expect for your weekend and which neighborhoods will see the first snow ahead in the first alert forecast. campaign rally. president trump heads to florida today to lend support for
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alabama's controversial senate candidate who's been accused of sexual misconduct involving teenage girls. a lot to get to plus a first alert. good morning, welcome to "nbc10 news today," i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm via sikahema. we'll get to meteorologist bill henley and the most accurate neighborhood weather forecast. talk to us about that snow, bill. >> i've issued a first alert for snow for tomorrow for the suburbs, philadelphia, new jersey, and delaware. this is a coastal system. it's new jersey and delaware that will get the most out of it. what we're seeing is the snow to our south. the wet weather will stay to the south during the day today. after midnight and during the day on saturday, we will see that accumulating snow. 8:00 in the evening, the snow will be out of here. accumulating snow during the day. looking for the potential one to four inches of snow on colder surfaces. grass, car tops, less on the roadways. maybe more slushy conditions


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